Miga's hospital customers have an immediate need for the medical equipment listed below. If you have any of the items below – just click on "I've Got It". (All items should be in working condition unless otherwise noted).

Description of Medical Equipment Wanted

Gyrus ACMI (23116) Collection Tubing Set
Stryker Flyte 120V Battery Charger
Basic Integra Mayfield Head Positioning System
CR Bard Item #A900216
Medtronic AEX Generator 40-405-1
Dynex Automated ELISA Processing System DSX (quantity 1)
Dynex Automated ELISA Processing System DS2
GE Carestation Anesthesia Machine Aisys
B.Braun w/ Ultraport HF Stopcock 15in (490295) Set Ext
B.Braun Anesthesia 8in w/ Triple Safeport Manifold (456522) Set Ext
Baxter 3 Port w/ Male Luer Lock Adapter Check Valve (2C9282) Manifold
Progressive Multiport Q2 10in 6 Ports IV (9520) Manifold
ICU Medical 3 Port w/ Check Valve (AM3016) Manifold Nanoclave
ICU Medical 6 Port Glow Red Blue Purple Yellow Check (AM6001) Manifold Nanoclave
Medtronic pH-Impedance Catheter VersaFlex Z
BD Foley Catheters A119214M, A119216M, A119218M - 14 & 16 French preferred, 18 also accepted
Baxter 1A8504 Evacuated Glass Containers
Integra A1059 Modified Skull Clamp
Drager JM-105 Jaundice Meter
Monoject Oral/Enteral Syringe Purple 12ML (412SE)
3M Steri-Drape 1003
Medtronic Endotracheal Tube Shiley (18775S)